Sam Mustafa—Enjoy Restaurant Week in Charleston, SC


Hospitality expert Sam Mustafa is excited about the  upcoming Charleston Restaurant Week. He loves the variety of services that restaurants and companies offer during Restaurant Week. 

Ten days of dining known as Charleston Restaurant Week will begin this coming Thursday, January 10, and will run through January 20. The Charleston Restaurant Week takes place alongside the larger state-wide Restaurant Week, which includes hundreds of businesses across the state of South Carolina. Since 2009, the annual event has been promoted by South Carolina’s tourism industry, the state’s leading industry, as a means of showcasing the state’s top restaurants. Participating customers will get the chance to enjoy a diverse array of top notch food selections at discount prices.

As has taken place every year, each participating restaurant will offer a three-course menu at a fixed-price, either $20, $30, or $40. As visitors and residents come out to dine in the Charleston community, they will get the chance to not only enjoy discount prices on food, but also to support local businesses in promoting and sustaining themselves. Besides the special meals and prices restaurants will offer for Charleston Restaurant Week, customers will also have the opportunity to see the regular menus of these restaurants, which will give an idea of their daily prices.

To facilitate an easy and smooth dining experience for customers, the Greater Charleston Restaurant Association has launched a smartphone app which provides information on restaurants, a tip calculator, and parking assistance.

Sam Mustafa, founder of Charleston Hospitality Group, owns and manages several restaurants which will be participating in the ten days of dining. These restaurants are Tabbuli, Toast, and Eli’s Table. Tabbuli, which has a strong focus on Mediterranean cuisine, specializes in healthy food, vegan, and vegetarian options. Toast, on the other hand, is well known as one of the best restaurants for breakfast in Charleston. Eli’s Table, which is located in the heart of Charleston, offers Southern food with an Italian twist.

From this diverse range of styles of cuisine, Sam Mustafa hopes to provide those enjoying Charleston Restaurant Week with unique options that suit their particular tastes. The menus of other participating restaurants can be viewed at


Sam Mustafa founded Charleston Hospitality Group in 2008. The group is committed to providing residents and tourists with the best possible options for dining, travel, and nightlife in Charleston, NC. The group currently has five brands and eight companies.