Murder-Suicides An Ugly End In Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is never a good situation, but it is extremely bad when the abusing party takes it to the ultimate end: a murder-suicide. This was the case in Detroit when a spur of three murder-suicides over the course of two days left the community rocked and domestic violence experts to deal with any Dana R. Handofallout from the situation. According to Dana R. Hando, the victims in these cases may have been able to help themselves if they were more educated about what they were facing.

An article on reports that one woman was stabbed to death, another shot multiple times, and a third burned in an office building. All were believed to be in abusive relationships. The man who allegedly stabbed his wife to death was found dead in his burning truck. The husband who allegedly shot his wife then apparently turned the gun on himself. And a body found in the basement of the burnt office building is believed to be the ex-boyfriend of the deceased female.

Psychologist Dana R. Hando Explains Abuse

Dana R. Hando, a psychologist who specializes in abusive relationships, says that many women are still caught up in the myths of domestic violence and that it is up to domestic violence specialists to reach out and educate them. For instance, many victims of domestic violence buy the excuse that it is stress or drugs and alcohol that cause their abuser to strike, but the overwhelming majority of people who are stressed and addicted to a substance do not abuse their loved ones.

Advocates for the victims of domestic abuse say many cases are not reported to the police. There were never any calls for the police from the house where the woman was shot to death. The woman who was found burned recently registered for a restraining order against her ex, and the brother of the woman who was stabbed to death said he knew she was abused by her husband.

Dana R. Hando says it is important for those who are abused to report the abuse, not just for themselves but for the others who are affected by the violence as well. For example, at the home where the husband allegedly shot his wife and then himself, the woman’s 8-year-old son was present and ran to neighbors for protection. The woman who was found burned had a couple of kids, all of whom were involved in the main reason why she got a restraining order. Her ex-boyfriend allegedly visited her house in March and told her to kiss her children goodbye.

Dana R. Hando received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology. She specializes in counseling women who have been abused.