Philanthropist Anne Germain Applauds Cancer Research Efforts

As a philanthropist who is dedicated to supporting causes that contribute to breast cancer research, spiritual medium Anne Germain was ecstatic to read an article published by the Huffington Post that reports on a new drug that is entering human clinical trials. This particular cancer treatment is one that has shown promise as an agent that brings about the destruction of cancerous tumors of every kind. The clinical trials, made possible by a grant totaling $20 million, are slated to begin soon.

Anne GermainThe article explains that a March 2012 study reports that “the one-for-all antibody drug successfully blocks a specific protein, CD47, from tricking the body’s immune system into not destroying harmful cells. Though this protein is present on the surface of healthy blood cells, the team from Stanford University’s School of Medicine determined that CD47 levels were significantly higher in all cancer cells.”

When CD47 is located on cancer cells it cons the body’s immune system into passing over them. The antibody that has been created blocks the signal that is released by CD47, thereby allowing the immune system to successfully attack the cancerous cells that have grown.

Dr. Irving Weissman, who is a professor of pathology at Stanford and is designated as the lead study author, explains why this particular treatment is unique—and why expectations are so high with regard to its success: “What we’ve shown is that CD47 isn’t just important on leukemias and lymphomas. It’s on every single human primary tumor that we tested.” As such, the antibody that stops the signal created by CD47 has the potential to destroy tumors of any kind (according to the research gathered to date).

Prior to gaining authorization for human trials, this new treatment option was tested on mice. The mice had seven different kinds of cancerous tumors, including breast, bladder, ovary, brain, colon, prostate, and liver. The antibody was successful in shrinking or killing each of these kinds of cancerous tumors, the article reports. Additionally, it stopped the cancer from infiltrating other areas of the body.

Anne Germain believes that this particular treatment option, if successful, could redefine the approach that medical professionals take when both treating and researching various forms of cancer. “This is an amazing step forward for those who are suffering from so many different types of cancer,” asserts Anne Germain. “To use the body’s own natural defense system has to be a new tool in the box of physicians in the fight against cancer. Using our natural body’s proteins is a less toxic approach than the medical profession has had to use over the past years. That has to be a good thing if it works with so many varied cancers affecting all age groups; I see it as an exciting step forward fitting in with our modern life. I welcome this, having seen so many special people of all ages pass following long fights against different cancers.”

Through her work as a spiritual medium, Anne interacts with numerous individuals who have seen their loved ones lose their battle with cancer. She has, as such, long been an advocate for philanthropies that are involved in funding research for breast cancer and other forms of this disease. The loss of a loved one due to cancer is something that impacts friends and family members deeply—and it is something that Anne believes can be stopped by modern medicine if this treatment option proves to be a success.

Countless non-profit organizations are working to fund this and other cancer research initiatives in order to improve patient outcomes and the quality of life for individuals who suffer from this disease. Anne encourages anyone who is interested in supporting these organizations to research the local non-profits with which they may want to work. From volunteering to donating money, Anne states that there is something for everyone to do if they want to help.

“No matter what your circumstances, you can assist in the efforts to end cancer,” Anne remarks. “Even if it is just volunteering once a month to help a local organization fundraise, it is something that will mean the world to the people who are touched by that organization’s efforts.”

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Anne Germain is a spiritual medium who lives in the United Kingdom and conducts both public and private readings around the world. Also a Reiki master and practicing hypnotherapist, Anne works to assist individuals in gaining closure after losing a loved one. Anne first began her journey as a spiritual medium in 1985 and started to pursue her passion for this activity full-time in 2006. Since she began providing her services to others, Anne has appeared in private gatherings, public readings, on television, and in other appearances. Anne is a dedicated philanthropist who advocates for breast cancer research, children’s healthcare, pet adoption, and anti-bullying campaigns. Additionally, Anne loves to travel and enjoys spending time with her husband and five cats.