Boston Pads Can Ease Apartment Search for Those Apprehensive of Rental Brokers

bostonpads-interpacketAs a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date online resource that lists available rental and home properties in the Boston area, Boston Pads knows how hard it can be to find that perfect place to live in this treasured Massachusetts city. Whether you are a college student at one of the city’s prized universities or an up-and-coming professional, this website understands that new and transitioning Boston residents are always looking for the best deal when finding a rental. Others may not only be searching for an affordable deal, but for a place that can accommodate various needs such as physical space, rooms, location, parking and price. While there are many guides—such as the online database offered by this resource—some may opt to go through a rental broker.

According to a recent article from BostInno highlights the upcoming summer rush for rentals, one that this online resource believes is a critical demand for new residents to pay attention to. The article explains, “The Boston apartment crush is coming. Hordes of college kids, working stiffs and otherwise are getting hungry for new housing, eager to gobble up this summer’s choice apartments with reckless and freakishly fast abandon. Inventory is low, we’re well aware, but the need remains the same. You want a new apartment? Get in line. Everybody wants a new apartment.”

BostInno explains that while there are many ways to peruse a city for new apartments, many find that a reliable rental resource or rental agent can make a world of difference. The article states, “Rental brokers tend to get a bad wrap, but their knowledge of the market and literal keys to your apartment dreams are often a necessary evil… The trick is finding a rental broker you trust who has your best interest at heart. Sure, there are a bunch of options out there when looking for new digs, but pinpointing a broker you like now will pay dividends for years to come.”

While the article suggests that rental brokers may prove better than sifting through inaccurate computer algorithms, it may not always be necessary for those who have a do-it-yourself attitude. In a recent press statement, Boston Pads explains, “There are many rental resources online that can prove inaccurate and not up-to-date, which can leave many time-crunched apartment hunters turning to outdated rental broker information as a last resort. However, knowing where to research can make a world of difference instead of having to go through the confusing channels of a little known rental broker. Our website, for example, is a comprehensive resource for not only renters, but also buyers, sellers and landlords. Many of our clients have found that our database not only provides a quick outlook, but can save a great deal of time instead of having to go the route of a broker or substandard apartment listing resource.”

The BostInno article also observes that some apartment searchers may find that “paying a month’s rent as a broker’s fee can feel like a steep price, but this person has put in a lot of time to get you to this point.” While some rental agents are adept in their knowledge of the city, investing time and money in these professionals can prove difficult, especially for cash-strapped and time-crunched individuals who may be moving to the city for the first time.

According to Boston Pads, the rental agent scenario for consumers generally works well for those who have time to browse an extensive inventory provided by market leading real estate companies. That working with a host of smaller disparate real estate offices can often times lack time efficiency and lead to bad decisions. “You want to work with companies that have the most number of landlords in their database and have rented the most properties so that they have the best long term relationships in tight markets. Clients who are ready to move in right away at long distances, may find that a more direct route is more applicable, such as by searching the database available from this listing service. provides more videos and pictures of apartments than anyone in New England. These features certainly can help improve you chances of making a much better decision in a shorter period of time.

In its press statement this technology based real estate listing company comments, “Many Boston residents are already expressing the need to find affordable rentals. In fact, the idea of introducing ‘micro-apartments’ into the city has been considered as one of the affordable alternatives to those who want to remain close to the city, but at a lower price. In addition, there are a lot of concerns out there about using an professional agent that is legitimate and has access to data that can help unlock the Greater Boston Apartment Rental Code.

This company explains that many first-time Boston renters should stay advised of what to look for in a rental broker if they do choose to go that route. For instance, rental agents may seem like they are working for the client, but it is important to see how much they push one property over another. “Transparency is very important in the rental world, especially in a high-demand city such as Boston. If a broker is not focusing on where you want to live, what you need or seems to be providing slanted information in favor of a certain property, they may be working to suit the needs of the landlords or management companies they are aligned with. While there are some rental searches out there that are questionable, ours offers an honest look at the market without prospective renters having to worry about broker-landlord alliances,” Boston Pads concludes in its press statement.


Boston Pads is an online resource for real estate and housing needs in the Boston, Massachusetts area. The company’s database is constantly updated to feature the most current listings and offers the largest real time selection in the market. With features targeted toward renters, buyers, sellers and landlords, it is a one-stop shop. While finding an apartment rental or a home to purchase in the city is a difficult challenge, Boston Pads offers resources for every step of the property search process. The database also features resources regarding property management services, landlords, relocation services, and renovation services and provides additional tools, such as a mortgage calculator and data on specific neighborhoods. Boston Pads also offers tips to get pre-approved for financing and puts interested parties in contact with trusted brokers.