Caribbean Cruise Line – Scam Artist Techniques in the Travel Industry for Consumers to Avoid

passengers-caribbeancruiseline-interpacketIn today’s travel industry, many consumers are driven to find exceptional bargains to find enjoyable vacations; however, according to Caribbean Cruise Line, scam artists are frequent in this market and have various methods of operating. As such, the company has dedicated itself to scam prevention by forming its own “Scam Watch” branch that can help minimized illegitimate activity in the industry and provide a greater informational resource for consumers. Dedicated to providing top-notch, yet affordable travel deals for consumers, Caribbean Cruise Line outlines a few scam techniques that remain prevalent in the industry today.

Caribbean Cruise Line points to a recent article from MSN that highlights five common scams that are targeted toward tourists, schemes that this company believes every consumer should stay aware of. The article shares a similar sentiment and explains, “One quick way for any holiday to be ruined is if you fall victim to a travel scam. Holidays are meant to be the time to relax and forget all your worries, but they are in fact a time when you need your wits about you.”

One example of scamming highlighted by the article refers to locals making distractions to quickly run off with a traveler’s belongings. MSN reveals, “Thieves are adept at creating diversions that attract your attention long enough to steal your valuables. Variations include being surrounded by a group of people who chat animatedly with each other as a distraction while one of them rifles through your bag or someone dropping coins at your feet and as you kindly pick them up, you lose your wallet.”

In response, Caribbean Cruise Line comments in its recent press statement, “While this may cause concern among tourists traveling in foreign countries, the best and most simple defense is to stay aware. If a crowd causes a commotion, keep your belongings close and secure and find a way to a more protected environment. Scam artists will not target those who act aware, so it is possible to enjoy local culture without putting yourself at risk of theft if you just take note of your surroundings.”

Unfortunately, according to MSN, not all common tourist scams are caused by distractions and some may even target individuals who think they are opting for a reliable service. MSN explains, “One of the most successful scams is the phony police officer. It goes something like this: a stranger stops you on the street and asks you to change money. You refuse. Seconds later an ‘undercover’ policeman appears and arrests the first person. The officer then demands to see your passport and wallet. Needless to say, if you hand them over, it will be the last you see of them.

In its press statement, Caribbean Cruise Line comments, “The best lesson to take away from this kind of scam is to simply not talk to strangers. If you travel in groups, it is less likely that you will be a victim of the fake police scam.” In addition, Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch encourages travelers to review what a proper, legitimate police authority looks like within a foreign country. Knowing tell-tale signs will help individuals avoid fake law enforcement; it may also help those who need to find thorough assistance fast.

Some travel scams, according to MSN, may not even involve pure human interaction, giving the cautious vacationer even more reason to stay alert. The article states, “ATM scams are on the rise. Some are very sophisticated, using hi-tech devices, while others simply involve someone peeking over your shoulder to see your PIN number as you punch it in. The latest scam involves thieves putting a thin clear plastic sleeve into the card slot so that when you insert your card, it becomes jammed. By the time you realize that, you’ve already entered your PIN. Meanwhile, someone behind you will have seen this and when you give up, believing the machine has swallowed your card, they’ll take the card and empty your account.”

In its press statement, Caribbean Cruise Line responds, “It is generally a good idea to get an allotted amount of cash ahead of time from a legitimate source, instead of having to rely on ATMs abroad. Many Americans will find that their home bank is connected to other banks abroad and can even provide transactions without any fees.”

While Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch wants to make sure that foreign travelers are aware of schemes that local citizens may impose on tourists, the company also notes that there are other scams travelers should be aware of. For example, scams that involve travel arrangements are reported every day within the United States and may take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

According to the company, the best way to avoid travel arrangement scams is to check for common signs of legitimacy. For instance, if the agency or travel provider contacts you without any concrete information and offers a vacation package deal, it is most likely not a valid opportunity. However, this should not thwart individuals from pursuing affordable vacation packages made available by legitimate travel providers, such as Caribbean Cruise Line. 

When planning a vacation at an affordable price, it is important to make sure that the dealer or provider is offering full transparency. Remember to review specific policies of the company and to never offer payment or personal information without verifying the provider’s legitimacy. Companies that can offer no real proof of services and fail to deliver a consistent stream of communication are likely to be operating under false pretenses,” Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch concludes in its press statement.


Caribbean Cruise Line, scam prevention advocate, strives to deliver affordable, high-quality vacation experiences for eager American travelers. Top-notch destinations, relaxing accommodations, fun activities and beautiful sights are all things experienced by customers of the cruise line. Scams in the travel industry, however, have prevented many travelers from pursuing cruise vacations. As such, the cruise line strives to create a safer, more enjoyable and secure travel experience for its passengers who embark to locations such as the Grand Lucayan Resort in the Bahamas.

Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch
Caribbean Cruise Line Scam Watch

Caribbean Cruise Line, scam prevention advocate, strives to deliver affordable, high-quality vacation experiences for eager American travelers.