Meep! Celebrates The Role Of Tablets In The Classroom

meep-meep-yellowThrough the creation of its kid-friendly Meep! Tablet, the professionals at Oregon Scientific strived to not only create a device that was safe and entertaining for children, but also educational. The company explains that as mobile technology expands in modern culture, it is essential that children begin to find new ways to interact with devices in order to gain educational experiences. Now, as a recent article from The Star-Tribune suggests, tablets are becoming more popular in academic settings and opening a whole new market for tech companies to produce devices that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of young users.

In regards to students in the Minneapolis area, the article reports, “In schools across the west metro, iPads and other tablets are evolving from exciting novelties into established teaching tools. The ‘one-to-one’ student-tablet teaching model is enhancing learning from elementary to high schools in districts that include Bloomington, Minnetonka and Eden Prairie. In some cases, they’re even saving schools money.” For Oregon Scientific, this development is encouraging as more parents and teachers are starting to view tablets not only as entertainment or communication devices for adults, but also as educational resources for children.

In a recent press statement, the makers of its Android-based tablet comment, “When we developed the Meep! Tablet we wanted to ensure that parents not only could expect online safety and entertainment for their children, but also an opportunity for their child to learn. For instance, in addition to the plethora of educational gaming apps offered by our product, parents can set time restrictions on the device to make sure that their children are using the device for reading and other academic activities.”

Following a similar sentiment, The Star-Tribune explains how both kids and parents are embracing tablet technology in Minneapolis schools. The article states, “Students use the program ‘Raz Kids’ to read at their own levels. Each student has his or her own Google account, which saves all classwork and makes it accessible from any device. They use Google documents for informational reports and slideshow presentations. And math exercises designed as racing games make learning fun and interactive. Parents are pleased.” One parent, Christy Warner, observes, “I think it’s a way for the teacher and the students to get themselves prepared for a future that demands digital proficiency.”

Although tablet technology continues to expand in order to provide teachers with new instructional resources and analytical programs to track success, Oregon Scientific notes that it is also important for children to embrace these devices outside of the classroom for educational purposes. The company explains in its press statement, “It is excellent that tablets are becoming more popular in classroom settings, because while children are learning from these devices they are also discovering that education can be fun and interactive. This kind of association could encourage young minds to seek educational opportunities on their own—such as by playing instructional games or reading e-books on their Meep! Tablet.”

While some may prove apprehensive of technology’s role in the classroom, Oregon Scientific notes that it is important to pay attention to how digital communication is changing education. In its press statement, the company comments, “Online courses have already become widely-accepted in the university atmosphere, not only as a cost-effective alternative, but also as a more engaging resource that is delivering solid performance results from students. If these resources continue to trickle down into elementary and secondary school systems, we may see a great boost in learning and academic performance among children across the nation.”

Although it may be difficult for some to understand how a tablet can provide cross-functional education lessons, The Star-Tribune explains that teachers are using these resources for multiple subjects—not just English and mathematics. The article reveals that some Minneapolis classrooms have benefited from fitness software that encourages physical activity among children—a reigning concern among educators today. Providing another example of tablet technology’s academic versatility, the article states, “In science class, students can plug a probe into the iPad to conduct tests and to graph force, gravity and motion.”

In hopes of a more progression in this area, Oregon Scientific posits about the future of tablets in its press statement “We see tablets as an ideal extension of the classroom.  They are portable, can host a number of easily accessible educational apps, and are ideally suited for many classroom activities from English to Art.  All of it is possible with tablets such as the Meep!”

Meep! tablets are designed with your best interests in mind, catering to children ranging in age from six to eleven with parental control monitors that make it easy to set up the tablet the way you would like your child to use it. Kids are enthusiastic about the child-oriented computer pads that are user-friendly and full of thrilling games and learning potential. The Android-based product is made up of exceptional features and apps that serve multiple purposes. The versatile tablet is designed to further your child’s imagination while also helping him or her sharpen critical thinking skills among other educational benefits.