Whole Foods Bacterial Infection Spreads and Kills 1

Image: Whole FoodsA specific brand of cheese was recalled by Whole Foods Market Inc. after several people across different states became ill. The Les Freres cheese from Crave Brothers was contaminated, but sold in Whole Foods stores in 30 different states.

Several people were affected by the cheese contamination, and one person in Minnesota was killed. Among other things, Whole Foods is urging customers who bought the cheese to dispose of it. The company has also proudly but shamefully agreed to refund the purchases if customers bring receipts into their local store.

The outbreak involved a bacterial infection that has made people ill in several states, not all 30. Whole Foods believes the cheese could be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Having been sold in 30 states and Washington DC, the in-store cheese has already been removed. However, anyone who has purchased products under the names of “Les Freres” and “Crave Brothers Les Freres” should dispose of them immediately.

The cheese did not seem too extraordinary. It was cut and packaged in clear plastic wrap like many other brands. Typical Whole Foods Market scale labels were attached. The corporate imitative now involves posting signs in its stores so as to inform customers about the recall.

Public health officials have identified cases in three states so far. Said authorities have also highlighted findings as they develop, such as an Illinois resident who became sick just last week, but hadn’t eaten the product since May. Minnesota officials have not yet linked the death of one elderly person to the contamination. However, they did report that someone was hospitalized after illnesses associated with official cases.

The contamination element, listeria, has been very uncommon until recently. Still, health scientists know a good amount about the component which can cause bacterial infections. For one, listeria can lead to severe illness in women who are pregnant as well as people with previously enfeebled immune systems. Healthier individuals would experience symptoms like high fever, severe headache, and stiffness. Nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea are also linked.

The base for Crave Brothers is in Waterloo, Wisconsin, so it is unfortunate that the product was contaminated in national cheese capital. Nevertheless, the company proclaimed a voluntary recall of Les Freres along with other products, such as Petit Frere and Petit Frere with Truffles. Any products made on July 1 or earlier were recalled.

To reiterate, Whole Foods urged customers to throw any Crave Brothers cheese they have purchased in a store or through mail order. Bringing a receipt to a Whole Foods store will result in a full refund.